Sarah Carter's brand new bakery and catering company is just around the corner. The finest quality produce using the finest quality local ingredients delivered direct to your restaurant, coffee shop or event.

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Sarah's Updates

It's quite simple, I love food! And I especially love bread and baking. I also love my family so they have spent the whole of their lives being force fed cakes and bread, but now they have managed to grow up and escape and I need to feed someone else so I have built/am building a bakery in my mill house. I am already a chef with thirty odd years experience to draw from but my passion is bread and pastries. The evocative aromas of baking really 'floats my boat' as they say, creating visions of crispy, crusty loaves and plump fluffy scones Making me want to reach for the butter or the clotted cream and put the kettle on.

I am also blessed with living in the most beautiful place in the world (when the mizzle clears), which produces some of the best and inspiring ingredients, so I am hoping to become one of the growing number of people who are proud to 'go local', with the wealth of quality right on the doorstep why would you go anywhere else?

Our quality of life should start with the quality of our food and you wont find better quality than in Cornwall.

Over the coming weeks I will be updating the website with photos of how the build is coming along... here are some from recent months:

Millhouse Bakery BuildMillhouse Bakery BuildMillhouse Bakery Build